Seven Tips for Junk Removal

junk removal

Almost 80 percent of Americans feel as if they have no idea what to do with their excess junk and more than half feel overwhelmed by their clutter. If you have a problem with clutter around your home you need to focus on junk removal.

By removing the things you don’t need in your home or yard you can simplify your life and improve your home’s ambiance. Nobody likes living in a trash pit. If you find your home is starting to resemble one here’s what you can do.

Read this handy guide and find out seven tips for junk removal. You can then get started on cleaning your home and making it a more livable place for you and your family.

1. Start With The Most Difficult Project First

What is the most difficult thing you will have to remove from your property? It may be a derelict vehicle rusting on your back 40, or a large, heavy, and oversized television on your third floor. Start with this project first.

If you put it off you may get demotivated and it will hang over your head. Jump straight into the junk removal game by tackling your largest project first. After that, all the other ones will seem easy.

2. Make A System For Junk Removal

You need to make an easy junk removal system. Prioritize appliance removal, furniture removal, trash removal, and yard waste removal based on the difficulty of each of the tasks. Dedicate as many days as needed to tackle each.

When you break your removal process into smaller individual jobs it allows you to plan your work much easier. Don’t haphazardly charge into your junk removal endeavor. Take a systemic approach for the best results.

3. Get The Help You Need

Don’t tackle larger items unless you have the proper equipment and experience to do so. Call some friends, or better yet hire a professional to haul your bulky items. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself by hauling junk.

If something seems dangerous and impossible to tackle on your own don’t push it. Wait until you get the help you need and when in doubt sit it out. Always move things within your experience and comfort level to avoid injuries.

4. Get The Proper Equipment

Do you have all the trailers you need to haul your junk? What about apparatuses such as pneumatic jacks or pulleys/ropes for heavier objects? Before starting up your junk removal endeavor, get the proper equipment.

You need to work smarter not harder when hauling junk. Your body will thank you for it. If you don’t possess all of the equipment you need for a big job it may be cheaper to hire someone who has it rather than rent it yourself.

5. Know Where To Dispose Of Your Junk

Do you know where you will take your junk once it leaves your property? Depending on the nature of your junk you may need to bring it to a special disposal site. Smaller items such as yard waste may be compostable.

Some junk can be recycled while other things should be taken to the dump. Make sure to figure out where you will dispose of each piece of junk before starting your cleaning process. It is the most critical step.

6. Stay Abreast Of Environmental Regulations

Do you know all of the environmental regulations about junk disposal? Some things such as old appliances have specific environmental regulations you need to follow during the disposal process. Don’t get caught breaking the law.

If you dispose of your junk wrong and get found violating some important environmental regulations you could face stiff penalties. Fines and even jail time may be your fate if things get serious enough.

7. Hire A Professional

If you don’t feel capable of dealing with your junk on your own, or you lack necessary equipment you may want to hire a professional who deals with junk hauling. Hiring a professional will always be a faster, less stressful approach.

The following are some characteristics to look for in a junk removal company. Use them to find your best professional junk hauling option.


How much does a company charge for its services? Is it a flat rate for the job, or a daily rate? Some companies may charge by pound or mile for heavier objects or longer moves. Make sure to inquire about a company’s price.


Some companies may not have the capabilities to deal with your junk problem. Others may only deal with larger junk problems and your project may not be worth their time. 

If you think hauling your junk will require specialized equipment or tons of manpower make sure to disclose this to your candidates. You need to make sure they have the right capabilities for your tasks before hiring them.


Is the company in question insured and certified? Do they have a good reputation? Finding someone that specializes in cheap junk removal may not be your best bet if they are lacking other important elements.

Make sure to ask questions like this and to check some online customer reviews when interviewing your junk companies. You want somebody who can do the job affordably but still provide excellent service on your terms.


How long has your chosen candidate for junk removal been around? You don’t want to hire a newbie for a very tough or strenuous job. Companies with more experience will be able to handle your job more efficiently.

Clean Up Your Space

Your home and property should be your sanctuary, not a dumping ground. If you find yourself living in squalor you need to clean up with some junk removal. Don’t get stuck Googling “junk removal near me” you can do better

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