Junk Removal In Columbus

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Junk Removal In Columbus

Call or text a picture of what you need disposed of.

We take almost anything!

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Professional, No-Fuss Junk Removal Services in Columbus, OH

We'll Help You Get Rid Of Your Junk or Trash in the Quickest, Safest, and Most Efficient Way.

Junk and Trash Removal to Suit Your Needs

Nobody likes having a ton of junk lying around in their property, office, or storage unit. Sometimes, getting rid of junk is an actual necessity, especially if you need to get some space back for personal or professional reasons.

Whatever your junk and trash removal needs, you can count on Stress Free Junk Hauling to help you. We are proud to serve both residents and businesses in the Columbus, Ohio area with a wide range of junk and trash removals.

We can remove pretty much any type of junk or trash, meeting the requirements of the widest possible range of customers.

From homeowners looking to get rid of unwanted items to real estate agents who need to clear out a vacant property and from storage unit holders to people in need of yard waste removal, all the way to commercial businesses seeking junk or construction material removals –– we do it all.  

Junk removal services in Columbus, Ohio

A Trusted Family-Owned Business

Junk removal services can sound like a messy and noisy job. But when you hire a local, trusted, family-owned, and operated company, you get the peace of mind that your property and your possessions will always be treated with the utmost respect and consideration.

On-Time, All the Time

Being always on time is one of our top priorities. We understand that you are entrusting us with a delicate job, and we are 100% committed to not wasting a single minute of your time.

Fully Licensed and Insured

It’s important to only work with fully bonded, insured, and licensed junk removal companies. At Stress Free Junk Hauling, we can provide you with that reassurance, as we hold all the necessary certifications to carry out our job in the best, most professional, and most reliable way.

How It Works

Step 1

Request Your Free Quote

The first thing you'll want to do is to request a free, no-strings-attached estimate for your specific junk removal job. You can do so by visiting our website and filling out our online form. You can also send a text or give us a call if you prefer it that way. We will go to your location and discuss the price.

Step 2

Schedule Your Appointment

If you are satisfied with your quote, then you're all ready to proceed. We can schedule your appointment or if you are ready we can start hauling your junk immediately.

Step 3

Our Team Will Come to Your Property

On your specified day and time, our expert team of removers will visit your property, inspect the area, and plan out their removal job.

Step 4

We Will Load Your Junk on Our Trailer

Our team will take care of everything: from lifting all the items and appliances that need to be removed to loading them on our trailer and, finally, taking them to a safe place where they can be disposed of.

Step 5

Enjoy a Clean, Tidy, and Junk-Free Space

In just a few hours, you will be able to enjoy a clean and tidy space, completely free of any junk or trash. What's more, our team is always committed to leaving your property in pristine conditions, so you won't have to clean up after us. Just sit back and relax.

Step 6

Pay the Way You Like

Besides offering the best rates in Columbus, we are also happy to offer our customers the possibility to pay us in the way they prefer. We accept cash, card, and check, so you choose whichever method you are most comfortable with.

Why Our Services Are Really Stress-Free

At Stress Free Junk Hauling, we truly practice what we preach. It’s all in our name: we always strive to make all junk and trash removal jobs as fast, smooth, and efficient as possible.

As a family-owned business, we can guarantee you that our entire team is genuinely committed to your full satisfaction: so much so that we offer a “satisfaction guarantee” promise to all our customers.

We are also proud to be offering same or next day service, which means that if you need some junk to be removed at the very last minute, we can still do that without any problems.

Last but not least, we are dedicated to respecting our planet and being as eco-friendly as we possibly can. For this reason, we always try to dispose of your junk in the most sustainable way, giving you further peace of mind that your trash won’t harm the environment.

Junk Removal in Columbus

How Much Do Our Junk Removal Services Cost?

The type and scope of junk removal jobs can vary significantly from customer to customer. A family wanting to get rid of a few old appliances, for example, will have very different requirements compared to a commercial business looking to clear out their premises of heavy and hazardous construction materials.

While always being flexible and convenient, our prices will change according to your specific needs and the type of junk that you need us to remove and dispose of. 

One easy way to find out exactly how much you will be paying is to request a free, no-commitment estimate through our website. A member of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible with your custom quote.


Ready to Get Some Much-Needed Space Back? Get Rid Of Your Junk Today!

Getting rid of junk and trash around your home or commercial property can feel like a much-needed breath of fresh air and can help you claim some of that all-important space back. Why wait until tomorrow?