How to Declutter Your Home: A Quick Guide

declutter your home

Spring is approaching and you know what that means: it’s time to declutter your home during the spring cleaning process.

Decluttering can be hard work. It’s difficult to get rid of all of your treasured belongings, even if you know that you no longer need them. If you have a lot of clutter in your home, it also feels overwhelming!

We’re here to help you start the decluttering process. Read on for our top decluttering tips.

Start Small

When it comes to cleaning tips, common advice is to move throughout your entire house in waves. In other words, start big. Decluttering is different.

Focus on individual rooms, closets, and even small corners. You want to break your task into chunks to make it easier and more efficient. 

When you move throughout your home, it’s easy to get distracted. Even if you’re only taking a misplaced item from one room to the other, you’re going to lose focus. Set aside items that are in the wrong rooms and keep working on what you’re doing.

When you work on small areas instead of large ones, you also see progress more quickly. Decluttering a single cabinet takes next to no time at all, but the results are obvious. 

Be Practical

When you’re getting rid of items, it’s easy to get sentimental. This is how you ended up with so many things in the first place! Decluttering requires practicality and some level of critical thinking about your belongings.

Start with determining what items have absolutely no place in your home. Do you have old paperwork that you no longer need? What about broken items that, for whatever reason, still have a home in your cabinets and closets? 

Remove those things first.

Remember that everything should have a place. This will keep you more organized in the future and it will prevent you from accumulating too many extra items. This applies to both “needed” and “wanted” items. 

Consider applying the KonMari method to your decluttering process. If you don’t need the item, does it spark joy? Does it provide some kind of value to you? 

It’s easy to get too sentimental about your items, but decluttering means that you have to let go. You’ll feel better when you’re done. 

Use the Box System

The box system makes decluttering so much easier and more functional! You’re going to need several boxes. The labels on these boxes may vary depending on what you’re decluttering, but we recommend:

Let’s use your closet as an example. You’ll go through all of your clothes and pick them out one by one. When you look at a piece of clothing, consider whether or not it’s still useful to you.

If you no longer wear it, but it’s in good condition, it would go into the “donate” box. If it’s in poor condition, you can throw it away. If it’s not in good condition but you’re able to either repair it or use it as a rag (or for spare fabric), you can put it in the “repair or repurpose” box.

Having this many boxes might seem like “too much” at first, but it will make it easier to put away or remove items when you’re done decluttering. 

Enlist Help

If the idea of decluttering is overwhelming, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t ask for help. Whether you hire a professional or you enlist a few friends to help you, it will make the process go by faster.

Other people don’t have the same sentimental attachment to your items that you do. They’ll be able to make better decisions about what should stay and what should go. 

Consider having multiple people working on their own sections instead of working in groups. Because you’re only decluttering small areas at a time, there’s no reason for more than one person to work on each section. 

Make It Fun

Decluttering hardly sounds like a blast, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep yourself entertained during the process. Think of ways to make decluttering more enjoyable.

Turn on some of your favorite music or one of your favorite podcasts. This will make the process go by more quickly (just make sure that you don’t get distracted). 

Consider scheduling brief breaks every so often and do something fun during that break. Whether it’s a brief game, a walk outside, or even just a moment to decompress, it will make a huge difference in your productivity. 

Consider turning the decluttering process into a timed challenge. How much can you declutter in a half-hour? Can you beat your record next time? 

Have Somewhere for Things to Go

This is one of the most crucial tips for how to declutter your home. Make sure that there’s always somewhere for your items to go after you declutter them.

Yes, you’ve already used the box system, but you’re not going to leave those items in boxes around your house, and you may want to reuse those boxes later. Keep plastic bags or even a dumpster so you can remove items that need to leave your home. 

When it’s time to hire junk removal services, packing everything away will be a breeze. 

It’s Time to Declutter Your Home

If your home is overwhelmed with clutter, it’s time to get to work! It can be hard to declutter your home, but you’ll feel more relaxed when the task is done. You’ll also have a neater and tidier space that’s easier to keep clean!

It’s time to start the decluttering process!

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