After the Cleanup: 5 Tips for Removing Yard Waste

yard waste

It can be difficult to choose the best method to get rid of yard waste. While most areas provide curbside collection, composting and burning are sometimes used as alternatives to landfills.

Local laws and regulations, on the other hand, may complicate your plans. If you’re on a limited schedule or need to dispose of a large amount of yard waste, renting a dumpster may be the best option for you.

Ultimately, the best yard debris removal option is determined by the kind of materials you’re disposing of as well as local regulations. Continue reading to learn the five best tips for removing yard waste.

1. Rent a Roll Off Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is a facile way of getting rid of yard waste. There are many companies offering dumpsters for rental at affordable prices.

Just make a call and have the dumpster dropped in a convenient location near you. Then fill the container with yard debris that you had accumulated somewhere.

Do you think the yard cleaning might take long? Don’t worry, you can hang it on the dumpster for two to three days. Most dumpster rental companies have flexible rental plans that allow you to have the dumpster for longer periods.

After filling the dumpster, you can then contact the dump rental services to request a pick-up. However, if you are planning on using a dumpster, there are rules that you must understand.

You have to know the maximum weight to put on the dumpster. For the average dumpster, the maximum weight falls between two to six tons.

Overfilling your dumpster might set you up for extra charges. Therefore, before hiring a dumpster, ensure to seek guidance from the dumpster rental company.

By gauging the amount of yard waste, the dumpster rental company will recommend the right size of the dumpster for you.

2. Hire Junk Removal Company

Hiring a junk removal company is another quick and reliable option for getting rid of yard waste. After cleaning your garden and the debris are ready for pick up, you can contact a junk removal company. First, they will send professionals to assess the amount of yard waste you have.

This will be crucial in determining the amount of money the company will charge you and the size of the truck the company will need. After the survey is done, the junk removal company will give you a date for debris collection. However, for quality services, ensure to hire a reliable junk removal company.

With many companies offering junk removal services, how do you choose the best? Check client reviews. A junk removal company with positive reviews is a sign they are competent in their work. You can also request recommendations from your friends and relatives.

And above all, ensure the junk removal company is licensed. A licensed junk removal company must have been vetted and approved by the local government. In addition, a licensed junk removal company is aware of local laws regarding yard disposal.

3. Check Local Municipal Disposal Services

Most municipalities have yard waste collection days. All you need is to contact your town’s solid waste center to learn more about debris collection. Ensure you inquire when the debris is collected, where the collection takes place and how to wrap the debris.

After you have all the information with you, go ahead and wrap the debris properly, ready for collection. Utilizing the local municipal services has many benefits.

First, it’s a low-cost means of yard waste disposal. Secondly, after preparing the debris, no extra work such as loading onto the truck will be involved with local municipal services.

However, before contacting local municipal waste disposal services, assess the amount of your yard waste. Most of the local municipal services only dispose of small yard waste. If your yard waste is large enough to fill a truck, it would be advisable to hire junk removal services.

4. Burn the Yard Waste

Burning your yard waste is a quick technique of getting rid of waste. However, you must ensure it’s legal to burn yard waste in your town.

Otherwise, you will end up paying a hefty fine. Even if the burning of waste is legal in your area, you should do it in an enclosed fire pit.

The enclosed fire pit must be at least 45 meters away from other people’s homes and 15 meters away from your home. In addition, ensure to visit the website of the environmental protection agency to learn about the unique waste burning requirements in your area.

After you are sure of the waste burning rules in your area, choose a calm windless day to burn the waste. Ensure a person is monitoring the fire for quick action if the fire gets out of control. Opting to burn your yard waste saves you cost and effort.

However, if you have health concerns, it would be advisable to hire junk removal services. Furthermore, burning your yard’s waste might be a source of air pollution.

5. Recycle or Composite

To keep away yard waste from the landfill, you can repurpose the debris to other areas. If your yard waste consists of tree branches, you can turn them into mulch. To get rid of yard waste made of green matter, you can opt to convert it into compost.

However, before deciding to turn your waste into a composite, you must understand that composite piles attract rodents and pests. Furthermore, composting large debris might also take a great deal of time.

Avoid all the hustle by hiring junk removal services or even renting a dumpster.

Get Rid of Waste by Applying Any of the Above Yard Waste Removal Tips

After garden cleaning is complete, the main challenge you might encounter is yard waste disposal. The wrong yard waste disposal technique might cost you more money, time and even attract a hefty fine from the local government. Apply the above five tips for removing yard waste, and you will save money and time.

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